The 7 Best All-Terrain Tire for Daily Driving in 2023

All-terrain tires, abbreviated as A/T tires are best for maximum driving performance on and off the road. These are designed to provide the best grip and all-around comfort whether you’re driving on wet, snowy, or dry roads. Those who drive their vehicles daily rely on the best all-terrain tire for daily driving as these are versatile, durable, and offers better mileage.

An all-terrain tire is also safe as it provides better traction on wet and dry roads. Some all-terrain tires have enhanced features and have better performance compared to other tires. But if you want only the safest and the most efficient tires, you need only the best all-terrain tire for daily driving. We have seven of the best tires in 2023 for you.

7 Best All-Terrain Tires for daily driving in 2023

1. Falken Wildpeak AT3W All-Terrain Radial Tire for Daily Driving

Falken Wildpeak AT3W All-Terrain Radial Tire for Daily Driving 

The Falken Wildpeak AT3W is an all-terrain radial tire that offers all-weather performance. It is the best all terrain tire for snow and mud. This tire is for wet or dry weather with updated heat diffuser features along the lower side to reduce heat and protect its inner components. It is also designed with the 3D Canyon Sipe tech interlocks which reduces wear and tear due to high torque.

The Wildpeak AT3W is made for the rugged outdoors. It can handle ramps and different hurdles and at the same time prevents pebbles and all kinds of debris from being trapped in between the treads. This tire is also specially enhanced to resist punctures even in low pressures.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
An all-terrain and all-weather tire.Type of Tire: All-terrain, all-weather,
With the latest heat diffuser tech at the lower sidewall.Brand and Model: Falken Wildpeak AT3W, Weight: 46.5 pounds
With 3D Canyon Sipe to prevent early wear and tear due to torque.Rim Size: 8 inches, Capacity – 2679 pounds
With improved handling capabilities.Section Width – 265 mm
Enhanced upper sidewall to prevent punctures from sharp objects.Special Features: heat diffuser feature, 3D Canyon sipe tech, upper sidewalls

2. Forceum M/T 08 Plus All-Terrain Tire for Daily Driving

Forceum M/T 08 Plus All-Terrain Tire for Daily Driving

The Forceum M/T 08 Plus is a set of four mud tires made especially for rough riding. Mud tires let you move easily in wet, snowy, muddy, or even on dry roads and all the while offering the best resistance to punctures, cuts, and abrasions.

These tires are made for all seasons and all-terrain which is why it’s perfect for light trucks. Some drivers say that muddy terrain tires are a matter of preference and are very stable and durable even under the toughest road conditions. It is one of the best all-terrain tires for highway driving and off-road driving.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
These are all-season tires.Brand and Model – Forceum, Weight – 99.79 kilograms.
Can be used on muddy roads; all-terrain tiresType of Tire – Mud tires, Section Width – 265 mm.
Classified E Load RangeSpecial Features: all-season tires, for light trucks, Load Index – 121

3. Thunderer TH2459 All-Terrain Radial Tire for Daily Driving

Thunderer TH2459 All-Terrain Radial Tire for Daily Driving 

The Thunderer MT All-Terrain Radial Tire is another mud tire that can also be used in different terrains: wet, snowy, and dry plus it is designed according to the latest Thunderer radial tires. The grooves between treads are deep but are guaranteed to repel pebbles and all kinds of dirt away from the inner components of the tires. It is one of the best all terrain tire for highway use.

Inside are reinforced to make the Thunderer MT more efficient and very resistant to punctures and dents. This tire is so strong it can handle up to 2650 pounds, one of the toughest on the road. Expect safe, reliable performance no matter what season and what weather you’re in.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
Thunderer MT is capable of loading 2650 pounds.Brand and Model – Thunderer, Weight – 59.5 pounds.
This tire has 19 inches tread depth and which seems aggressive.Type of Tire: All-terrain, Section Width – 285 mm.
This thunderer tire has good off-road traction.Tread Depth – 19 inches
Thunderer MT’s wet weather performance is optimal.Capacity – 2650 pounds

4. Falken Wildpeak AT3W All-Terrain road for Daily Driving

Falken Wildpeak AT3W All-Terrain road for Daily Driving 

The Wildpeak AT3W is an all-terrain tire developed for all kinds of adventure on any terrain and in any weather. It was made with off-road and rough terrain capabilities but will still provide the best performance on the road.  It is one of the best all terrain tires for highway.

This Falken tire has optimized treads and together with its silica compound content you can move on all kinds of challenges: snow, wet roads, and rough roads. If you’re looking for a snow tire then the AT3W is your choice as it is highly recommended by the Rubber Manufacturers Association with the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake symbol.

Just like any Falken all-terrain tire, the A/T3W is designed with the latest technology. It has the 3D Canyon Sipes tech, a unique feature only found in Falken tires with lower sidewalls. There are full-depth sipes and between tread grooves that maintains good performance and looks throughout the tire’s lifespan.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
These tires are all-weather tires.Brand and Model – Falken Wildpeak AT3W
These are ideal for aggressive driving, off-road tripsWeight: 47.8 pounds, Section Width 275 mm
With an optimized tread design, with a silica compoundRim Size: 13.3, Capacity – 2679 pounds
This is qualified by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake).Type of Tire – all-terrain, all-weather
With 3D Canyon Sipes, lower sidewall for the best performance throughout its lifespanSpecial Features – with optimized treads, for all-weather, 3D Canyon Sipes

5. Federal 46QC0AFE Couragia M/T Off-Road Mud Tire

Federal 46QC0AFE Couragia M/T Off-Road Mud Tire

The Federal Couragia M/T is an off-road and mud tire with a reinforced design making it very durable against punctures, cuts, and chipping. This all-terrain tire has improved rim width and has an aggressive design that matches its strength on all types of roads.  It could be one of the best all terrain for highway tires.

The tread design is unique as it enhances traction to keep you and your family safe on wet, snowy, or dry roads. It offers better protection against off-road impacts and thus, you don’t need to replace your tires soon. The Federal Couragia offers impressive strength and can even crawl over rocks and sand, gravel, or mud. It’s for light trucks and all-terrain vehicles as it’s good for daily driving.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
With a higher maximum load rangeBrand and Model – Federal Couragia
With standard rimsWeight – 44 pounds, Type of Tire – off-road tires
Made from reinforced compounds for improved durabilitySection Width: 12.5 inches, Rim Size – 10 inches, Capacity – 2601 pounds.
With an aggressive design and enhanced shoulderSpecial Features: with reinforced compounds, durable against punctures, cuts, and chips, enhanced shoulder

6. Forceum M/T 08 Plus road Tire for Daily Driving

Forceum M/T 08 Plus road Tire for Daily Driving

The Forceum M/T 08 Plus is a mud radial tire made for serious off-road trips. It has deep grooves in between uniquely-designed treads that aim to remove all kinds of debris including pebbles and dirt away from the inner parts of the tire. It can move over all types of terrain including wet, snowy, and dry with utmost ease thanks to its very durable and efficient design.

This Forceum tire has deep treads ideal for mud, water, and pebbles. Take your truck or ATV off-road and these tires will take care of you and your passengers with excellent traction. Because of the impressive design of these Forceum tires, you’ll enjoy extended tire life, better mileage, and fuel efficiency.

Inside this Forcem all-terrain tire has a reinforced design to allow this to withstand constant use and significant wear and tear. A tire can hold as much as 2910 pounds of weight which is the highest load capacity of any all-terrain tire on our list.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
These are all-season, all-terrain tiresBrand and Model: Forceum, Weight  – 25 pounds, Tread Depth – 10 32nds.
Works best for light trucksType of Tire – Mud radial tire, Section Width – 265 mm, Capacity – 2910 pounds.
With longer tread lifeSpecial Features: all-season tires, ideal for muddy terrains, for light trucks

7. Travelstar LL-SUV015 All-Terrain Tires for Daily Driving

Travelstar LL-SUV015 All-Terrain Tires for Daily Driving

The Travelstar EcoPath A/T is an all-terrain tire for SUVs and light trucks. It has improved tread life and will roll and brake well even on wet, snowy, and dry roads. Off-road, this tire offers enhanced traction to keep you and your passengers safe and sound.

Enjoy enhanced stability with its well-designed treads. You’ll remain safe and secure even when you’re moving at high speeds. The tire interiors are well-supported to resist dents, cuts, and punctures. The Travelstar EcoPath all-terrain tires are loaded with impressive features and is one of the most economical tires.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
This tire is ideal for all-terrain, all-weatherBrand and Model: Travelstar EcoPath, Weight  – 34.2 pounds, Tread Depth: 12.6 32nds,
With a stronger sidewallType of Tire: All-terrain radial tires, Section Width – 245 mm, Capacity – 2403 pounds
With enhanced capacity and strengthSpecial Features: all-terrain, standard load range

Buying Guide Best All-Terrain Tire for Daily Driving

There are so many options when it comes to all-terrain tires for daily use and thus, it’s difficult to select which tire will work best for your driving needs. This is why we have this all-terrain tire buying guide with the different important factors to consider so you can select the right one

What are the features to consider when purchasing all-terrain tires?

Here are the features to consider when buying all-terrain tires:

Chunky, larger treads

Tires classified as all-terrain come with large treads and deeper grooves compared to regular tires. The spaces in between treads are also larger to improve its surface area. The greater the surface area that’s in contact with the ground, the better traction the tire has to offer. Always check the tire tread size when you’re selecting all-terrain tires.

With enhanced internal design

A reinforced middle helps make all-terrain tires rigid and very durable for road and off-road use. The most common design is stronger internal bands usually made from very durable steel. But with steel internal bands means that these tires are heavier compared to regular tires with no reinforced inner structures.

Stone ejector design / self-cleaning tires

As you drive your vehicle off-road and even on the pavement, small stones may enter the wheel and this can greatly affect the tire’s traction. Stones can clog the treads, even deep treads and this causes reduced traction and may lead to poor and unsafe driving. Also, small stones can drill through the tire material and eventually lead to wear and tear. These are the reasons why you should consider all-terrain tires with stone ejectors.

Rubber composition

Different brands of all-terrain tires have varying rubber composition. Usually, the rubber used is treated with a carbon compound or silica. This material will provide better grip, especially on a wet, muddy, or icy surface. Also, treated rubber has better resistance to dirt and mud and keeps these from being dislodged on the surface of the tire.

Self-cleaning tires

When buying all-terrain tires, you’ll be surprised by the many new features like the latest self-cleaning feature. This kind of tire has treads that resist debris, mud, and dirt in the grooves as these can easily find their way out of the wheel as it turns. With self-cleaning tires, you can guarantee better traction at all times plus, you don’t need to clean or maintain your wheels time and again. 

Why use all-terrain tires?

Do you really need all-terrain tires? If you’re still undecided if all-terrain tires are the best for you, check out these reasons why this tire is the best especially for off-road trips.

Enhanced versatility

All-terrain tires are for SUVs, pickups, and four-wheel-drive cars making them the most versatile tires. This characteristic is a huge advantage over other off-road tires as some are only compatible with a particular vehicle.

Improved durability

All-terrain tires are very tough and are mostly equipped with improved sidewalls. This design improves the tire’s resistance to scrapes, punctures, and chipping. Some tires are very strong because of reinforced steel internal cables as steel keeps the tire rigid and very grippy. You will also find very durable tires that have features that deflect gravel, pebbles, and sand which prevent damage because of daily off-road, on the road use.

Improved mileage

All-terrain tires have better mileage compared to tires that are only meant for off-road use. This means great news for people who drive their trucks or SUVs daily.  Better mileage also guarantees better value as you don’t need to replace your tires as often as you previously did.

Safety and traction

All-terrain tires will help you achieve enhanced traction no matter what type of weather you are in. Most all-terrain tires can be used safely on wet, dry, icy, snowy, or even on rocky roads.

Improved fuel efficiency

All-terrain tires will lower your fuel efficiency compared to touring tires. This is because all-terrain models improve friction, weight, and air resistance. However, all-terrain tires are not as fuel-efficient as off-road models.

FAQs All-Terrain Tire for Daily Driving

The following are frequently asked questions about best all terrain truck tires for highway and off-road use.

What are all-terrain tires better at?

All-terrain tires are better at driving on the road and on off-road terrain. This is because this type of tire provides better traction and enhanced comfort in dry, wet, and snowy road conditions. All-terrain tires are in between on the road (highway) and mud tires.

What makes all-terrain tires better than all-season tires?

All-season tires are regular tires used on standard vehicles while all-terrain tires have tougher tread patterns and offer enhanced traction on off-road trips including on soft mud.

Can you use all-terrain tires on snow?

All-terrain tires are all-purpose tires and thus can also work well on icy or snowy roads. Some car owners find all-terrain tires adequate for their daily driving use and don’t need to change to winter tires.

How long will all-terrain tires last?

The lifespan of an all-terrain tire depends on how heavy the vehicle is and your regular driving condition. If the vehicle is heavy, the tire can lose tread faster. Usually, all-terrain tires have a 20,000 – 40,000 miles lifespan.

Final Verdict

Of the seven best all terrain tire for daily driving, we choose the Falken Wildpeak AT3W, an all-terrain radial for wet or dry weather. We picked this wheel because of its updated features like the heat diffuser along the lower side of the tire to reduce heat and the 3D Canyon Sipe tech interlocks that reduce wear and tear as a result of high torque.  The Wildpeak AT3W is for heavy road outdoors. It is also enhanced to resist punctures even in low pressures.  If you think that the Falken Wildpeak AT3W is the right tire for you, check this out from this link.