Audio Pro Addon C5 Review – Who is the best C5 or C3

Audio Pro Addon C5 Review

When you are looking for finding a suitable wireless or Bluetooth speaker that is going to serve across all the rooms of your household, the task may not be that much easier since there are a bunch of products available in the market.

If you are aiming for a Bluetooth and wireless competent networked series of speakers which is contrary to a fastened restrictive system like Sonos then your return could be the profoundly admired Audio Pro, a Swedish brand.

Audio Pro was established in 1978 that has started the journey of providing quality sound systems at affordable prices. Audio Pro has nailed the quality of a home theater or sound system, within the affordability and the quality under the package of portability- all that makes it an award-winner brand so far. Positively, when you will go for increasing the volume it will cover up the circumstances smoothly with a pair of subwoofers and this outperforms Sonos as a preceding sound network system. 

Audio Pro Addon C5 is a robust sound system that has both Bluetooth and wireless connectivity system, which makes the connecting issue fixed within minutes. With a bundle of speakers that are connected as one, it can set your house like a home theater that covers multiple rooms at once. Too much talking let’s move into Audio Pro Addon C5  Review, which speaks about C5 in brief. 

At A Glance Audio Pro Addon C5 Multi-Room Speaker

  • Addon C5 comes with a small and compact stylish design that can fit anywhere you put it and fills with sound whether it is indoor or outdoor.
  • Play several songs in multiple rooms at the same time or play one song in perfect synchronicity at every corner of your home since it has multi-room functionality.
  • It provides a quick and easy setup through the Audio Pro mobile app and the wireless connectivity feature, and it also lets you add more speakers further.
  • For convenient usage and shortcut access, it has 4 different personalized preset programs for bringing one-touch access to your favorite playlists or radio stations.
  • With the included wireless connectivity feature you can stream all your favorite music services, such as Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, IHeartRadio, etc. easily

Compare Audio Pro Addon C5 With Audio Pro Addon C3 Speaker

Following, we have put a  comparison chart that consists of two sound systems with nearly similar specifications from the same producers. This will allow you to have a closer look at both speakers and will help you to pick the suitable one that meets your demands.

Audio Pro Addon C5 Wireless SpeakerAudio Pro Addon C3 Wireless Speaker
Audio Pro Addon C5 High-Fi Wireless Multi-Room Speaker
Audio Pro Addon C3 Wireless Speaker
Audio Pro Addon C5 is an award-winning sound quality, Wireless multiroom speaker, which plays smoothly within surrounding sound, anything wireless or cabled.Audio Pro Addon C3 is a portable wireless multi-room speaker or a Small speaker which delivers amazing sound with Bluetooth wireless playback for travel.
Comes with a Bluetooth 4.0 feature for wireless access and a frequency band range of 50-20000 Hertz for ensuring a sound that covers your whole house.Addon C3 has a  frequency band range of 60-20000 Hertz and it is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 for better usability.
The package includes a power cable and a manual and supports USB charging through a mobile device for better comfort.The C5 has a USB charging feature for phone devices, but it lacks in this sector. But it also comes with a power cable and user manual guide included with the pack.
C5 is a bit heavier than the C3 as it has an overall dimension of 5.1 inches x 9.8 inches x 5.9 inches in Height, Width, Depth and has a weight of nearly 5.3 pounds.C3 is a bit lighter and smaller than the C5 and it has an overall measurement of 4.5 inches x 8.4 inches x 5.3 inches in Height, Width, Depth, and it weighs just 4.6 pounds
The C5 doesn’t have a battery that is needed to be plugged in any socket and it connects through the power cable included with the pack.It comes with a powerful battery that lasts up to 15 hours at 50 percent volume and 9 hours at 100 percent volume
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What Users Are Saying About Audio Pro Addon C5 High Fidelity Multi-Room Speaker

This Audio Pro Addon C5 is made with all the best features that are going to be the key attraction to all the users that are fond of a surrounding sound covered within the whole household without that much hassles. It has a powerful 80 Watts digital Amplifier, 2 textile dome tweeters, a 5.25 inches long-throw woofer, and a frequency crossover of up to 45-20000 Hertz.

All the aforementioned features are more than adequate that is just an overwhelming choice to go for under such an affordable budget. 

After a prolonged and deep observation of this device, we haven’t noticed any flaws that are going to be a matter of the purchasing decision. To mention a split drawback, we can say that the battery or the power source needs to be developed more.

Aside from that, the size and weight of C5 are a bit higher and bigger than C5, its predecessor. It needs to be a little bit compact and lightweight to be a proper pick for outdoor usage. Except for all these split demerits, it is one of the best wired multi-room audio systems from the Swedish manufacturer Audio Pro. 

Key features Of Audio Pro Addon C5 High Fidelity Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Audio Pro Addon C5 Review

Stylish Design

The Swedish manufacturer Audio Pro has developed a very intuitive and smart design for their Addon series sound system devices. As it is built with two tweeters on each partial side of a large principal woofer, the C5 has appeared in a look that resembles a koala. Besides, it is available in four different colors( white, black, grey, and pink) and the design appears like a classic Scandinavian look with the touch of a refreshing modernized feel. 

On the upper side of the speaker, there is an aluminum handling panel, which is colored for giving the design competency and the design is the same for each particular model. It comes with a big volume button, along with this it has controls to alter the music source, play and pause the music, and a few presets modes. Giving the design a finishing touch, it has a leather ribbon tagged with an Audio Pro label. 

Great Sounds

The C3 is not a bad one in terms of overall performance, but don’t take us wrong the C5 is just a stunner when it comes to the sound sector, it will blow away the C3 with its sound performance. As the C5 is not packed with a battery, usually it will have a much bigger space in the interior, and that space is loaded with great audio hardware. 

If you compare the C3 output power with the C5, the C3 will lag far behind as C5 has a strong 40 watts output where C3 remains just 25 watts. The greater the output power is, the more crisp and loud the sound will be. Not just displaying, the long woofer is packed with powerful bass tones that make a robust sound. Lastly, for giving a piece of widespread music the twin tweeters work greatly. 

Other Features

Since it is a multi-room speaker it has the compatibility of combining with a bundle of Audio Pro C5 speakers when it is necessary. With the combination of a variety of speakers, it also provides mobile app based controls. Over that, some p[reset controls and shortcuts will also come in handy when you are on the go. 

The mobile app is also a great one but it performs sluggishly sometimes, overall decent to move on. The iconic feature of it is the broad connectivity option, which includes wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, and so on. For the convenience of Apple users, it has Airplay compatibility. 

FAQs About Audio Pro Addon C5 Compact Wireless Speaker

What’s the voltage for this speaker?

The Audio Pro Addon C5  has a decent voltage level, which is 100 to 240 Volt for AC and 50 to 60 Hertz and it is equipped with 80 Watts Digital class D amplifier.

Is it able to connect to a CD player without an additional AMP?

The immediate answer is it can connect to a CD player without an additional AMP. It has a built-in AMP. There is an AUX on the top. On the back side, it has a Line In option (RCA red and white).

Does it automatically shut off?

If you don’t play anything near 10 minutes it will automatically shut off. In other words, you can say that this will go into sleep mode and as soon as you touch it, it will continue from where it was stopped.

Final Verdict

If you are in search of a principal hub for the multiroom sound system, the Audio Pro C5 is going to be a smart pick. The C5 is probably the best one in terms of performance. In the base price option, it is just under 250 dollars which are going to be a dealbreaker budget considering the quality features. And the price has gone down recently, so there has never been a high time to go for the Audio Pro’s brand-marked sound quality system for your convenient usage!